Stats are provided in:

PLAYER Name of the Player
TEAM Acronym of Team of the Player
TEAM is whatever team the player finished the season with (according to at least).
AGE Age of the Player at the Start of that Season
HEIGHT Height of the Player in feet and inches
WEIGHT Weight of the Player in pounds
SEASON Regular Season
GP the Number of Games Played in that Season
MP the Number of Minutes Played in that Season
STL Steals
BLK Blocks
STOCKS Steals + Blocks: STL + BLK
no, I did not make that term up but I don't know of too many people that have quanitified this frequently discussed term.
DEALS Deflections + Steals: Deflections + STL
I think I made this term up unless someone beat me to it. clever, corny? maybe both? you be the judge
CHARGES Charges Drawn
OFF FOULS DRAWN Offensive Fouls Drawn (per basketball-reference)
SHOOTING FOULS Shooting Fouls Committed (per basketball-reference)